Upper Zobeck


The Crossroads government, including the Council Hall (28), City Archives(26), Redrock Bailey(29), and civic courthouse(27) all cluster in this opulent brick faced district.

Old Stross Public Bathhouse
Lying in the very heart of Zobeck, these fresh spring waters once only served the noblemen. After the Great Revolt it opened to the general public and is now a vibrant neutral ground for the citizens of The Free City.

The Seven Bells (30)
By far the most important tavern in Upper Zobeck. The Bells act more as market than a traditional Alehouse. The tavern has on site a scribe, moneychanger, notary, and a shipping clerk with connections to the barge trade. Brawling, Gambling, and bad behavior are frowned upon.

The Silk Scabbard
The Silk Scabbard appears as a nondescript brick building on the outside. On the inside it is a den of excess. A hybrid brothel, fighting pit, and gambling den. Run by Tyron, King of Fixers with an iron fist.
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Upper Zobeck

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