The Painted Man


The Painted Man is a mystery to even the most informed of Zobecks spies. Many speculate to his identity and it’s become near legend in the free city. Even reputable sources that say they have met him give different accounts of his appearance. One common identifier is they all describe a strong smell of spices and lavender.

The painted man offers a unique service to Zobeck. If you need magic done, everything from the mundane to the darkest of sorcery, he can get it done. True resurrection? easy. Binding a devil? not a problem. If you need a magical solution he can provide for it. Not all the services can be paid with coin; some require more colorful ingenuity, and others require a simple favor. But know this, the Painted Man always gets paid one way or another. Those that cross him do so at grave risk to their physical and spiritual well being..

The Painted Man’s shop is the Black Lotus and it is located in the Ashmill. His handler, Radu, will guide to the shop in secret for a steep price.

The Painted Man

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