Lord Fappingshire


Bio: not nobility by birth, comes from a coalition of tribes he helped unite to help retain sovereignty and to fight against colonization of their lands by foreign entities. Gained lordly calibre through shrewd political maneuvers and through a poorly accepted duel to the death with the original Lord himself. His claim to the fappingshire estate used to be challenged regularly, but those challengers are all dead now. Ruthless, manipulative and bold. Has some magical talent via his bloodline, but he’s never truly invested the time to really hone it the way some of his family has.

Affiliations: Aspis Consortium

Appearance: 6’2", long grey hair with full beard and mustache. Has a long face with sharp features. Brown eyes. Lean in stature, faded tan skin. Typically wears a red officer’s coat with the house insignia on the breast and a hat with various symbols of rank on it. Carries a broad sword with him.

Lord Fappingshire

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