Dock District

Also called the gullet, the docks along the river are one of the busiest areas of the city. Its open all ours and sees 24 hour use. Taverns, gambling dens, bordellos stand shoulder to shoulder with dry docks, warehouse, and other industries of the water. Brawls are common and the Watch tend to frequent the area in heavy force.

The Bargeman’s Fellowship (61)
A strange guild in that most of their time is spent upriver from the city proper. The guildmaster calls himself the Barge King and has strong ties to the cities Kariv.

The Broken Seal
Very exclusive underground bar that allegedly caters to the Cult of The Mirror Men. Requires sponsorship and is very unpopular with city officials who cannot seem to find any legal reason to raid the bar.

The Dancing Bear (58)
The dockworkers, sailors, and bargemen all drink here. It is a loud and rowdy good natured spot. Everyone gets served and the house runs a tight ship to curb brawls (or at least escort them outside). The bar’s house entertainer is also the bouncer. A large dancing bear named Masha.

The Moon and the Owl
A kobold tavern largely avoided by Too Talls. An enormous, grizzled Dire Weasel is the bar’s mascot and is known to sniff out Humans and Dwarves who are very unwelcome here. Open at sundown to sunup

Dock District

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