Infernal Cheliax (pronounced CHEL-ee-ax) remains one of the most powerful nations militarily in the Inner Sea region. Its control of the Arch of Aroden, the passage between the Inner Sea and the Arcadian Ocean, also gives it a vital role in much of the region’s trade. Nevertheless, as important as the nation may be today, it pales in comparison to its former Imperial glories. Today, in the eyes of most external observers in other parts of the Inner Sea, Cheliax suffers from extreme diabolism and a tyranny which prevent it from truly achieving its full potential. Internal observers, including the new nobility of Cheliax, firmly believe that Asmodeus and Hell serve Cheliax and assist in maintaining the power necessary for Cheliax to assume its rightful role among the leading nations of the Inner Sea.

Currently Cheliax is at war with it’s neighbor Varisia who has just founded an alliance with Taldor. As these countries escalate the battle they attempt to bring in others in the conflict. Currently Cheliax is trying to make an alliance with Katapesh to be able to secure the trade routes from the rich and untouched land of Sargava and south to essential nickel and iron mines of Katapesh.

Capital: Korvosa
Known Allies: Aspis Consortium


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