Search for Tanhauser


The search for the alchemist Tanhauser kicked into gear. The night you attended the Stross Family party it was interrupted by the Cult of The Mirror Men which led to a bloody showdown inside the manor.


Slinger seems to have more street based knowledge of the Cult of The Mirror Men and can be usually found in the Dock District.

Sergeant Hendryk implored the group to find more information about this Tanhauser. His whereabouts are unknown after the battle. Last seen in the Citadel District

Scaler was overheard chatting with another member of the Collegium District about a professor who left to work at book store and aided in the battle. Usually found in the Kobold Ghetto

Tymon, The King’s Bard might have more knowledge since he is the current owner (illegally) of the Gearforged Beholden. Can be found at the Old Stross Bathhouse in Upper Zobeck


Search for Tanhauser

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