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Zobeck, The free city at the crossroads of Golarion. The clockwork city connects Ustalav, Numeria, Razmiran, and the River Kingdom. While the Whispering Tyrant rampaged across the the north, Zobeck remained. After the Tyrant, the north decided to tear itself apart, Zobeck still remained. Zobeck has the distinction of being an integral trade hub for much of the norths major supplies and has kept to itself for thousands of years. A major player in northern trade while staying apolitical to frequent upheavals in Northern Golarion.


A city of wonders, and a city of corruption and despair. Zobeck is home to gypsies, kobolds, powerful guilds and seductive devils, a crossroads city where the people of all corners of the compass come to barter, cheat, and make deals.


Unique Details

Even though it seems decadent, Zobeck is a tight run ship. The Lord Mayor commands a police force made up of the Gearforged, many executed criminals. Another aspect of life is that magic is heavily regulated. Paperwork is required from the Collegium District and costs roughly 5,000GP per year. Of course this doesn’t stop anyone from using it in the shadows and alleys. If caught using magic without the consent of a guild or without proper paperwork you can be detained and charged based on the severity.


Zobeck has ben in a state of flux recently. With the Cheliaxen War hanging above everyones head, the influx of cults, the terrorist Tanhauser creating illegal Gearforged, to the war brewing in the Kobold Ghetto between the Rat King and Goldscale. You have taken a couple months off and enjoyed your spoils of adventure, but it’s time to make some money. These are some of the rumors you have heard:


  • A rouge wizard named Tanhauser is creating illegal Gearforged, The city is offering quite a large sum for the capture or information on who this person is.
  • A giant Barghast has been seen eating the living and the dead in The Cartways. Sightings have become more frequent as the winter snows have thawed.
  • Dame Teragram wants the Cult of The Mirror Men gone after they dished out some violent vigilante justice in the streets. She has loudly proclaimed anyone that can root them out illegal or otherwise will get her eternal gratitude (and gold of course)
  • Rumors persist of Cheliaxian spies have infiltrated The Lord Mayor Sergeant Hendryk s personal information network the Praetors.
  • Radu has discreetly sent out invitations to various gangs to contact him over a nice paying job that could lead to more if the group(s) can prove themselves.
  • Orlando has put out an official offer to anyone who can find his stolen journal. contact him for details.
  • Pirates upriver have finally been able to drop off special cargo upriver, but cannot get close to the city due to the Griffon Patrols from the Citadel District griffon riders. Scaler desperately needs this cargo.


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