Life in Zobeck


Cost Of Living

  • District 1: Gear, Merchant, Temple
    manor 60K GP
    Villa 40K
    Townhouse 30K
    House 20K
    Apartment suite 8K
    Apartment 800
    Building, Small 10K
    Building, Large 20K
    Tavern 15K
    Whorehouse 40K
  • District 2: College, Ashmill, Vineyard
    manor 40K GP
    Villa 20K
    Townhouse 15K
    House 10K
    Apartment suite 5K
    Apartment 500
    Building, Small 5K
    Building, Large 10K
    Tavern 8K
    Whorehouse 20K
  • District 3: Upper & Citadel
    manor 100K GP
    Villa 80K
    Townhouse 60K
    House 45K
    Apartment suite 15K
    Apartment 1500
    Building, Small 15K
    Building, Large 45K
    Tavern 18K
    Whorehouse 80K
  • District 4: Kobold & Dock
    manor 25k GP
    Villa 18K
    Townhouse 12K
    House 8K
    Apartment suite 1K
    Apartment 1K
    Building, Small 4K
    Building, Large 8K
    Tavern 6K
    Whorehouse 18K

The standard unit is gold. No silver or copper are used officially by most establishments. The Kobold Ghettos and Docks accept silver and copper. There is no standing conversion rate amongst the banks for precious gems and the lower coins. Thought most take 10% off the coin conversion and will take 35% of precious gems.


Zobeck doesn’t get the nickname the Crossroads or Free City for nothing. Almost all races, even monstrous, are welcome to have there money taken from them in Zobeck. Zobeck has the distinction of having the largest known Kobold population integrated with other races. Another unique race is the Gearforged, clockwork automatons indigenous only to Zobeck

Clockwork Festival
On this summer day in the month of the Goldflower citizens wreath the gearforged in flowers and parade them around the city. Many families carry their revered ancestors on palanquins.

Festival of Light
This festival celebrates the harvest of early crops and the long days of light. Priestesses bless the harvests, heal the sick, and offer prayers to those that toil so that others may eat. A farming festival; Lanterns, Bonfires, and magical lights keep the fields outside the city bright from dusk till dawn.

Miner’s Holiday
During Redleaf the kolbolds receive a celebratory relief from the mines. Kolbolds start the party a day early, now know as All Kolbolds Eve. The kolbods get together and storm the city’s streets in drinking, song, fighting, and dance. Most other citizens tend to stay indoors.

Spring Festival
“Attending a Spring Rite” has become a polite way in zobeck to say someone is in the middle of some lovemaking. Anyone seeking partners on this day offer them the finest flowers to show interest. The peddling of flesh is forbidden on this day so harlots and courtesans take the day off and all whorehouses are closed.

Winter Festival
A celebration of Iron during the autumnal equinox’s pinnacle. This rowdy and tremendously loud event has the city light large bonfires while drunken citizens march around the city banging metalworker tools together singing the Anvil Prayer

The Free City Council
Unlike many of there neighbors, and sometimes to there chagrin, Zobeck is run by elected officials. One for each incorporated district. The council is in charge of ensuring the welfare of the city and its inhabitants.

Lord Mayor
An elected official who governs the military and police force that is the gearforged. Usually they are elected for a minimum of 10 years but usually serve for life or longer, choosing to become a gearforged themselves.

Current LM: Sergeant Hendryk

A secret faction elected by the Lord Mayor as his private cabinet of eyes and ears throughout the city. The exact number is unknown, and they encompass a wide variety of races and people of vastly different social standards.


see Temple District

Life in Zobeck

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