Collegium District

As it’s name suggests, it is home to the Arcane college. Scholars, scribes, mages and wizards come from all over for the chance to study the secret art of the Clockwork Mages. The school has an open door policy save for the School of Gears which has an intense vetting process so that the secret never leaves Zobeck. Many students gather at The Hedgehog Tavern or the bookstore The Book Fetish.

The Arcane Collegium (38)
Composed of two main courtyards and a dozen two-story buildings dressed in grey and yellow stucco tile rooftops, this place isn’t as inviting as the grand architecture. The AC houses masters, apprentices, alchemists, clockwork savants and rarely opens its doors for the uninvited. A long process of sponsorship is required to even gain an audience to even be considered for acceptance. Visitors are rarely admitted through the steam powered gates, but the public are allowed to visit the nearby notary. In tis strangely bland brick building you can apply for your MAGIC LICENSE (5,000GP) and other functioning paperwork pertaining to the mystical here.

JOBS AVAILABLE: Master Summoner and Master of Stars & Shadow

The Book Fetish
Quietly tucked in an alley just around a curved street is the BF. Although innocuous, it has a sizable reputation. Inside the shop is surprisingly roomy with a horseshoe shaped counter with glass cupboards holding recent acquisitions of interest. Chairs are scattered around the magically lit shop (flames of any kind are not permitted, and fire source found on a person results in a lifetime ban) so that one might enjoy an afternoon of light reading.

The Chartered Brotherhood of Alchemists
Second to only the Arcane Collegium in its mastery of mystic arts, this guild specializes in fire, athanasia, and healing. Most members are human and has no Kobold members. It works in a series of stone bunkers near the river and has close ties with the City Watch and Order of Griffon Riders.

The Hedgehog (39)
Standing just outside the collegium’s grounds, is run by a mage rumored to be cast out of the College long ago named Scaler. Although popular amongst the students and even some staff, his crime was dabbling in the dark arts and won’t be forgotten.

The Temple of Dawn (41)
This golden covered temple is a place for those who specialize magic from faith. Few students line these opulent halls since admittance test is even harder than that of the Arcane Collegium. Those of exceptional faith are rewarded with intimate knowledge some say from the gods themselves.

The Temple of Painful Pleasures
A blond brawny northman from the realm of the mammoth lords guards the 10’ high steel doors to this well known “secret” brothel. Entry requires a plantinum head coin (a long dead currency used by the former Zobek Nobles). The entrance leads to the disrobing chamber where the temples guests are greeted to the deviant sights of the flesh. Private torture sessions may be purchased from Jayzel

Collegium District

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