Citadel District


Located in the northern part of the city, this section contains the walled citadel and its highly skilled griffon riders that protect the rivers from bandits to ensure trade goes smooth for the city. The Kings Head Tavern and The White Rose tavern both reside here that see many military patrons. This is the military and police district, act according.

The King’s Head (53)
From the outside the buildings heavy slate roof and half-timbered walls make it look like just one of the city’s many taverns. The sign above the door, that of a A golden crown atop a bearded man, is an ode to the old Stross Nobles who ruled long ago. What sets this tavern apart is how notoriously hard it is to get in, Peppercorn stands night after night to tell many who wish entrance no.

The White Rose (54)
A knightly tavern of Paladins and Clerics, is not for everyone. Bouts of fisticuffs occur almost every night and prayer services are held at dawn and noon. Those not of faith are urged to steer clear or be forced to partake in the said fights and benediction.

Citadel District

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