Quest For Cock

Recap #1

10541937_788097687888860_4192206124723110039_n.jpgAnd here’s our after game wrap up highlight reel brought to you by COCK.
- Millertime moment: Sandy proving that you don’t need 1 million dollars to do two chicks at the same time.
- Epic Failure pt.1: Jordan eats a 10 point whiplash that SHOULD have killed him on the spot. He was spared by the grace of the dm…
- My name’s Toby: Cody cooked and served food like an indentured servant. Next time I’ll be peeling potatoes and driving Miss Daisy.
- Man of Mystery: 90% of Zach’s roleplaying was through FB chats. For his eyes only.
-Epic Failure pt2:… only to roll a 1 that resulted in ANOTHER fatal wound that would send our froggy friend to be closer to his monster mother god. RIP Grand Nefarious. None of us actually learned your in game name.
Deathcount scoreboard 08/17/2014:
Best Performance: Sandy Swiftwind for banging two chicks in a single roll. That dick girl concept ain’t so funny now is it?
Worst Performance: See the two part epic failure. Don’t worry, it will be somebody else’s turn in the barrel soon enough.


simonmagnus simonmagnus

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