The Worldwound is open and Father Skinsaw is home


Cheliax has almost total control over the known world. Varisia & Taldor are close to folding into the newly formed Empire. The Devil worshipers seem unstoppable at this point. Zobeck revels in the its final free days. Your last adventure left a considerable mark on everyone involved (sorry Lord Fappingshire ). Your time in the Ley Lines caused a temporal shift, what seemed like hours was actually 4 months. The Silk Scabbard left in a state of disrepair, the Cheliax have nearly conquered the known world, and the last free nations celebrate their final days of independence. Zobeck is crammed with refugees and The Frothy Gator has reaped the benefits. No cults remain save for the Cult of Father Skinsaw . Unknown forces have kept the Cheliax from entering what is now called the Hangman’s Cursus ( includes the nations of Ustalav Numeria and most of the River Kingdom )


The Tower

Quest For Cock

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